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Who we are working for: Our clients are individual investors, companies, general contractors, design offices, public service offices and institutions as well as residential associations and communities.

What we do: Electrical, control and security installations We are able to offer design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of following installations:


interior and exterior lighting installations (including architectural lighting) industrial one-phase and three-phased current wiring systems;

dedicated supply network systems;

automation wiring systems;

grounding lighting systems;

Control and security:

integrated management systems for building automation /BMS/;

fire detection and alarm systems /SAP/ with automation for the fire security inside buildings;

exhaust ventilation systems;

intrusion detections systems /SSWN/;

access control systems /AC/;

intercoms, door and videodoorsphones systems; video surveillance systems /CCTV/;

toxic substances detection systems; telecommunication and computer wiring;

voice alarm systems /DSO/ and voice information systems /PA/ for buildings;

earth TV and TVSAT installations; people counting systems in buildings and vehicles;

car park information system;

We offer service in the fields mentioned above, including: opinions, expertise and consultancy; bid, construction and executive designs; on your request we prepare supplying projects for those made before; delivery of all components and their installation at the building site; delivery of materials and devices without installation; cabling, installation and activation of the systems; training of your company’s personnel and the preparation of a users manual and full as-built documentation full warranty and after warranty service; maintenance and current repairs;

RS-SYSTEM cooperates with numerous devices vendors, modern security systems and data transmissions providers. The list of our clients is the best proof that we are reliable partner. Our qualifications have been confirmed by certificates and authorizations for installing and programming devices received from producers like: SCHRACK SECONET, BOSCH, TAC ANDOVER. We provide full warranty and after warranty services for the assembled and delivered systems.

Personal and Property Protection As a result of entitlement included in concession Nr L-0322/05 MSWiA we are prepared for making services not only in a range of technical security but also in a range of personal and property protection that is realized in the form of direct physical security. Physical security is supported by the work of electronic alarm systems, which are assembled by our technical department. This complex investment service investment complex service makes us able to integrate separate installations into one, simple and fast working system, which is managed by central unit together with high trained security personnel for handling with assembled devices. This service provides to our Clients security and permanent control of an effective building exploitation.

RS-SYSTEM provides its services punctually, based on self-made projects or documentations supplied by our clients. It uses and using modern construction and technological solutions. We employ high skilled and experienced designers, fitters and field service – workers with long job seniority.

Valuation and preliminary negotiations are not obligating. We look forward to cooperating with you.